We live in the same building, more than half our relatives are same and we also share the same surnames. Not surprisingly, we also share a number of same thoughts, reading and writing interests. And so we decided to come together and create Mood to Read – a blog where we could finally write for ourselves and share our thoughts and opinions.

Introducing the women behind the words:

Tasneem Sariya

Hello, I am a student of Geography, an ex-employee of Google and a freelance blogger working from home. The one constant that has always remained gluing my unpredictable and shifting career/personal graph has been the need to write. I write to express mindful thoughts, strong opinions, wacked ideas, (not)-so successful experiments, or ardent advice. Why do you ask? For one, it is a great way to sort out the messed up thoughts in my head. Besides, it is also one of the best ways to be heard, learn, and share experiences. So here I am, ready to write finally the things that excite the sometimes poignant, sometimes quirky me!

Zainab Sariya

Heya folks! Here is a bit about me, I am a Graphic Designer/ Illustrator who recently graduated from college. From the time I was a kid, I always loved to share and express my thoughts and put forward my points whenever I got the opportunity. In school, my hand would always be up to ask questions and to come out and share my view. As a person who loves, art. gardening, exploring different sorts of things and storytelling, I find the urge to share my thoughts and stories. Writing is my superpower and my words are my tools to run this beautiful machine called ‘Life’.

We both hope to bring to you sometimes serious, sometimes thought provoking but most of the time fun reads. Also, if you click on the shopping or Amazon links in our articles we may receive a tiny commission on your purchase. So please do continue supporting us.