6 Father’s Day Gifts / Ideas to make 19th June a memorable day!

Father’s Day is celebrated around the world on the third Sunday of June and this year it falls on 19th June.

The role of a ‘Father’ is quite integral in a child’s life, they are our teachers, advisors, professors and also our protectors. We owe so much to them – and one day is not at all fitting to celebrate their love and care. Yet we celebrate Father’s Day as a reminder to appreciate, be grateful and show our love to our fathers in a physical way.

I think the best gift you can give your Father is your precious QUALITY TIME! So apart from these make sure you spend a good time with your daddy. Here are a few movies that you can binge watch with him today.

6 Father’s Day Gifts that you can give your Daddy Cool

Let’s Begin…

  1. A Cool Smart Watch

As they say Time is Money but Health is Life – gift your father a cool smart watch so that he keeps track of his lifestyle and health. This not only will keep him fit and healthy but will also level up his cool quotient 😉

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2. Wireless Headphones

We all know how much our dad love their whatsapp videos and football matches on full volume – but now its time to gift them a set of headphones so that they can enjoy their videos and matches without – and we are relieved :p

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3. Hanging Photo Frame Set

This is the best and cutest gift you can give your dad – a hanging photo frame set that will look great in your living room or your father’s study. Frame all your special moments and gift it to him – whenever he sees it, it will always bring a smile on his face!

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4. Cricket Set

Weekends become perfect when we play gully cricket with our fathers – it s an awesome and fun way to bond with your daddy & create special memories. Gift him a cricket set – and enjoy a fun filled evening of cricket and yummy snacks.

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5. Grooming Kit

Self – care is a must – but our fathers hardly take out time for themselves. Gift them this cool grooming and self care kit this Father’s Day!

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6. Fun Father’s Day Mug for his cup of Chai

Chai is an indispensable object in all our fathers’ lives. This cool mug is the perfect tribute to our awesome fathers that will remind them how great they are – when they sit down for their cup of kadak chai 🙂

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We wish Fathers all around the world a very ‘Happy Father’s Day’!

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