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It’s the season of dhoop(harsh sun), tan and lots of pasina (sweat)! We come home tired and open our refrigerators to gulp down something cold and refreshing. We tend to buy aerated, artificially flavoured cold drinks that are really harmful – so here are a few healthy options of cool summer drinks that will definitely energize you!

Best Summer Drinks

1. Cold Coffee

Hot brews are kept away in summers, at least in my case. I personally need a kick of caffeine while working but during summers I relish cold coffees. My recipe for cold coffee is pretty simple – Find it below

Cold Coffee


Take 2 tsp of coffee powder, add a few drops of water, add 1 and 1/2 tbsp of sugar and whisk it thoroughly till it becomes frothy. Once that’s done, add chilled milk and 5-6 pieces of ice cubes and give it a good mix. Voila, your simple cold coffee is ready to relish. To make it fancy and creamier you can also add a scoop of vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup on top.

2. Aam Panna

One of the most popular, highly refreshing and cooling Indian summer drinks is Aam Panna! It is made with raw mangoes and the smell itself makes your mouth water. Once you start you cannot stop as Dil always Maange More!

Image credit: My Weekend Kitchen

The ingredients for this summer drink are very simple. I don’t have my own recipe so here is a link for you πŸ™‚ The below recipe is very easy and quick to make without much hassle. So, enjoy and let us know how your aam panna turned out to be πŸ™‚

3. Watermelon Juice

It’s not possible to talk about summer drinks and not mention watermelon juice. It is the perfect drink for summers as it’s light and yummy. As we all know watermelon is 92% water hence is a great hydrating source even if consumed in solid form.

Making watermelon juice is fairly simple and anybody can make it. Take a watermelon and cut into pieces, remove the seeds and blend it with a cup of water. You can add sugar and water according to your preference. Serve chilled and with a bit of chaat masala on top if you like it. Watermelon and mint are also a good combo.

Here’s a blender which will help you make these refreshing juices: NutriPro Bullet Juicer Mixer Grinder

4. Gol Pani / Jaggery Water

A Ramadan Hit, Gol Pani is prepared everywhere, almost every day during Ramadan. It is one of the easiest summer drinks to make and the quickest as well. Find the short recipe below:

Best Sellers in Home & Kitchen


  1. Melt your jaggery in water and strain it. (It will take a few hours to melt completely without heating). You will have concentrated jaggery water.
  2. Add the desired amount of water according to your sweetness preference, once the sweetness is balanced you can add lemon juice also depending on your preference.
  3. Gol pani tastes yum and becomes, even more, healthier with the addition of soaked sabja/ sweet basil seeds.
  4. That is about it and your delicious Gold Pani is ready to drink once it is chilled. This is what I’m going to have for iftar today πŸ˜‰

5. Mosambi, Saathkudi, Sweet Lime Juice

Sweet Lime Juice is not only refreshing to drink but also has ample health benefits stored in its flesh. Saathkudi juice is not just a summer drink but if you are someone who lives in a hot and humid place like Chennai – you need it all around the year. Making it very simple – you just need a citrus juicer and lot of mosambis. The best way to drink is to consume it immediately when it’s fresh and not to refrigerate it.

6. Jigar Thanda

If you are someone who does not live in South India – you probably wouldn’t know about this beauty. Jigar Thanda literally translates to a cold heart. This summer drink probably cools your jigar :p. A very famous drink that has originated from Madurai is Jigar Thanda – which is a milk flavoured drink with badam pisins and topped with a dollop of ice cream.

The News Minute

It was until recently I found out about this – from the most unlikely place :p It was election time in Tamil Nadu and all news channels were covering and campaigning about it. Rajdeep Sardesai had come to Madurai and tried Jigar Thanda from a roadside stall and fell in love with it. So that’s how I got to know about this drink. If you are someone who wants to try it out I would suggest going out and having it from a roadside stall – because making it at home doesn’t give you that amazing taste and refreshing feeling.

7. Butter Milk / Lassi

Image credit: Amritsar Restaurant

These are probably made every day in Indian households, especially during summers. Both of them complement Indian cuisine so well that our meals are incomplete without either one of them. Both of them are made of the same base that is – curd whipped and diluted with water. Buttermilk has masalas and salt added to it while lassi has sugar or rose syrup in it. While Buttermilk is preferred to be thin and light while lassi is enjoyed as thick and full of malai. Are you team buttermilk or team lassi? Also if you don’t know how to make either of them – better call your mom or dad & they will give you the easiest and tastiest recipe.

Blender for you : Best Deals on Sktone kitchen Range

8. Falooda

Image credit: Gulf News

Before Cold coffee, frappuccino, thick shakes and smoothies came into the picture – Falooda was our ultimate fancy summer drink. I remember going out with my dad and waiting for him to take me to the local falooda shop that would serve rich, creamy and chilled falooda. That would be the highlight of my day! To the unversed falooda is a milk-based drink with rose syrup, sev and sabja seeds added to it. It is topped with ice cream and dry fruits. Today, falooda has hundred of varieties some with the whackiest combinations that intrigue me to another level.

9. Nimbu Pani

The solution to all your constipation problems is Nimbu Pani. Filled with antioxidants, rich in vitamin C and extremely revitalizing – Nimbu is a must-have summer drink. It is famously paired with mint to make a heavenly combination! Mixed with jaljeera people often prefer to have it after they have had a heavy meal.

Ice cube tray for you

Image credit: Food Network

10. Tender Coconut Water & Sugarcane Juice

If you see any vendor selling either of these – you have to stop and drink! That’s a rule.

No Summer without Summer Drinks

I think these summer drinks are quick escape to heaven from this harsh hellish summers. They bring joy on our tired faces and a brief respite from the weary and exhausting routine.

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