Meaningful Resolutions to make for 2022

Every year passes by, some have our highs and some have our lows but that is no excuse to not make the best out of it. To be honest, resolutions and humans have a very funny bond – they tend to start off as best friends but as time passes they start practicing social distancing 😉

Just like promises, resolutions are meant to be broken? Is it? I don’t think so! It’s only human nature to come back to square one and stay comfortable in our warm fuzzy old spot, but every year we try with new hope and renewed zeal. It is really illogical to make big big resolutions which look fancy to make but just vanish away when it comes to execution.

Resolutions for 2022

So here we are presenting you with important resolutions that are quite essential for the well being of every person not matter what age or gender

So open your mental diary and start writing it down –
‘From this 2022 I will…’

1. Empathize more

With technology on the rise, and pandemic still spread wide, the world is becoming a vulnerable place. Empathy for one another is what is most needed in these troubled times.

For the unversed, What is ’empathy’?
According to the Oxford dictionary “It is the ability to understand and share the feelings of another.” Once we start empathizing, we go out of the way to help someone because we know how it feels. Basically empathizing means that we keep ourselves in the vulnerable situation in which that person is and then we obviously tend to relate more.

2. I’ll be an original and not a copy ( highlight this one in your diary)

In the world of trends, it’s hard to be original. Where the whole world is copying one another, let’s make a resolution to stand out from the crowd, even if it means being alone. You were made unique, no one in this entire world is you and that is the best part. If we don’t embrace that then it is pretty useless to be you.

Get inspiration from people but don’t idolize to an extent that you imitate each and everything that you lose your individuality at some point. So folks, this year discover ‘you’ and start working on being the best version of yourself 🙂

3. I’ll have a life outside my devices.

Our worlds have shrunk to our 6 , 10 and 15.6 inch devices. In reality, our world is so huge that it hasn’t been fully explored yet. But irony is that, our lives have now been limited to our digital screens. It is not entirely our fault but everything, literally everything happens in our phones. Without them, we hardly can do anything.

It still keeps me curious, as in how we were able to exist without smartphones and laptops approximately 20- 25 years back. This year, make a resolution to have one day in a week – which will be your no phone day, atleast half a day with the most minimal usuage. Also, on a daily basis, have one hour a day where you keep your phones at bay. In this way we will have a lot of time to learn a new skill and me time for yourself.

4. Ill start believing in ‘Apna time bhi aayega’

Cue – Apna time aayega from Gullyboy XD & have a rap sesh!

Jokes apart, we talked about being original, now let’s start believing in ourselves. Every one has their own timeline and destiny has different twists and turns for all humans. We definitely don’t know what is in store for us this year. It may be favourable to us, completely downhill for us or it can be the most amazing year for us. In every, scenario lets resolve to believe that our time will come one day – even if the stars have shone for all those around you, yours will come too.

Once you start believing in this, you will start becoming optimistic and will look above your obstacles and failures.

5. My mental and physical health will be top on my priority list this year

There is nothing much to say here, we always put these two on a pedestal especially the first one. Easy to say, but putting these two on priority will require one to make tough choices and say big No’s. But this is quite essential for your complete well being 🙂

These resolutions are not anywhere related to your goals or dreams but they are quite essential to shape your personality. Being a kind, cheerful and empathetic person goes a long way… So all the best! Cheers to new beginnings 🙂

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