Surprise kids this Children’s Day with these exciting gifts!

Children’s Day is such a treat. Kids are usually loved and cared for. But on Children’s Day the excitement and enthusiasm is palpable and abuzz. Why? Because its hard to imagine children not being thrilled on any special occasion. And when there is a day assigned exclusively to them, then we cant blame them much for going absolutely bonkers.

And so on their special day, why not make them feel remarkable. There are of course, lots of ways to make a child feel loved and special. But nothing usually ever beats a good gift. Moreover, when it is wrapped temptingly!


So take a moment off from your busy schedule this year to buy a little something for your little ones. It doesn’t have to be expensive or stylish. But filled with lots of meaning and love. For the joy you see on their faces, will be worth a million.

And yes, children do not understand the rigmarole of relationships. You could be anyone they know, either a neighbor, aunt/uncle, tutor, friend or family. Their happiness on receiving a gift or being made to feel special is equal for all.

Children’s Day gift ideas

For the little artists

Here are some products that you can gift the artistic kid. Let them draw, paint, craft and get their hands messy!

Clay Play

Origami 3D puzzles

Art with rocks

Making mandalas

The color tools

For the young mathematicians, scientists, authors

Here are some amazing gift ideas that you can give children who love to experiment.

Experiment and educational kit

Rub your mind with the Rubik cube

Math magic

Read along

For the stylish fashionistas

Clips, bands and awesome accessories

Watch the bands


Eye wear

The all-time favorite bags

The sport legends of tomorrow

Michael Jordan

PV Sindhu

Sachin Tendulkar


Viswanathan Anand

And finally, a few Children’s Day gifts that are just for fun!

Make some musical noise, jump around, slime your way and build enchanted lands with some of these gifts below.

Lastly, Children’s Day gifts are just one way of making kids happy and wanted. However, spending time with them, talking and reading to them, playing with them and more, are the real presents that will help them form a solid tomorrow.

(You can buy all the above products and more from

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