12 Indoor Plants to level up your Home Decor Game

Decorating houses with indoor plants is the new trend and it also comes with so many benefits. Be it Pinterest, Instagram, Youtube one can find plenty of DIY tutorials to style your houses using houseplants.

Not just houses you can find indoor plants in offices, schools, libraries, dorms, hospitals basically everywhere. With urbanization in full swing, we see little of nature or green space in and around our homes. Houseplants help to add that green touch to our urban homes. (These plants can just add a green touch but cannot replace the power of trees. So in the process of urbanization do not cut the green cover and let the green spaces be.)

12 Indoor plants that you can buy

1. ZZ Plant

Zamioculcas zamiifolia also famously known as the ZZ plant is the coolest of all indoor plants and my personal favourite. It’s called the ‘Unkillable plant’ for a reason – the less you worry about it the more it flourishes. If you are someone who wants to start their planting journey this is the best plant. It is pretty low maintenance and quite durable. It looks good in the corners of your house where you get little or bright indirect sunlight. ZZ plants are also useful for air purifying. One should water twice a week.

They grow tall and can be propagated very easily even from just a leaf. The foliage of this plant is spread over and gives a bouquet kind of look.

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ZZ Plant

2. Monstera Deliciosa

All plant moms have this indoor plant on their bucket list for sure – it definitely is in mine. They have monstera as their name but give the most aesthetic look when used as decor in homes. This plant grows tall and can be propagated easily. Unlike ZZ they cannot survive in low light and require medium to bright indirect sunlight.

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3. Areca Palm

From the palm – family is the third plant on this list – Areca Palm. It is a very common plant and can also be found in many outdoor places with shade. This plant is not completely an indoor plant but if you get direct sunlight in any part of your house or bright indirect sunlight it thrives! More amount of sunlight burns the leaves. It requires watering daily. Areca Palm is a great plant to keep in your balconies as they grow tall and require more space.

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4. Bamboo Plant

Considered a lucky plant, the bamboo plant is a miniature version of tall bamboo trees. It is said that it brings positivity to your house and also purifies the air. The best part about this plant is that it can also grow in water and look pretty nice on our dining or coffee tables. They do require bright indirect sunlight. Though they can grow in water they flourish only in soil. You can see the second picture, it’s a spiral bamboo that has been tweaked to give this shape but it looks pretty cool!

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5. Fiddle Leaf Fig

The Interior designer’s favourite is this baby – Fiddle Leaf Fig, It has big rounded leaves which can beautify a bright lit corner of your house. It grows to become very tall and can be easily propagated as well. It is actually called an indoor tree which can grow up to a height of 10-12 ft. So if you have a high ceiling house then this plant is definitely a must-have.

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6. Rubber Plant

You will fall in love with this plant once you see it especially if you are a plant enthusiast like me. Rubber plant has many varieties out of which the two famous ones can be seen in the pictures below. Just like the Fiddle leaf this one also grows pretty tall and in case if you want to stop vertical growth you can cut the top part and you will see that there will be side growth in the plant. You can thank me later for the plant hack 🙂

Coming back to the plant – Rubber plants have shiny thick – veined leaves that give you a leather look when it shines in the sunlight. They require a good amount of indirect sunlight but water only when the soil is dry. The one on the right is the variegated version which is the prettiest looking plant I have ever seen. These plants require a humid climate – so if you are someone who lives in a dry climate wala city then you should probably invest in humidifiers if you want to grow plants like these ( Fiddle leaf fig, rubber plant, monstera, etc. )

Cool Mist Humidifiers Essential Oil Diffuser Aroma Air Humidifier Buy the plant here : Variegated rubber plant

7. Golden Pothos / Money Plant

Who doesn’t have a money plant in their home? This is one plant that you can find in every household because it’s so easy to grow this plant. It grows so fast and so beautifully! If you have an arch or a grill that you want to decorate with plants then money plant does the best job. As they are climbers you can style this plant however you want and that’s why its every body’s favourite and go to.

Why is this plant called ‘money plant?’ Apparently, because its leaves are small, round and flat which upon imagining look like coins as well.

I’m pretty disappointed with this answer 🙁 Upon imagination all plants can look can like money or anything else you can think of.

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8. Snake Plant

One of the coolest-looking indoor plants is this cutie – Snake plant. Vibrant colours and leaves looking like Ursula’s hair this plant is considered essential for home decor. Not only does it plus one your decor game but also plus ones your air quality. It can grow in medium to low light conditions and needs to be watered once a week or when the soil is dry.

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9. Fern

With a well spread foliage and light green fun colour is the fern. It is indoor that hates direct sunlight – it requires indirect bright sunlight. It thrives in humid places and near north- or east-facing windows. They look pretty on desks, tabletops and showcases. As it loves humidity they will grow pretty well in washrooms where it’s mostly moist. So if you are looking for an indoor plant for your washroom then fern has come to your rescue. Water only if the soil gets dry, overwatering kills this plant easily.

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10. Spider Plant

This plant is known for how hardy it is with nearly zero sunlight. It can survive for years in indirect light and even live prosperously if it’s been lacking water for a while. Their foliage is long and slender and spreads widely. Spider plants can also be kept in hangers as it has drooping foliage. Water only when the soil is dry.

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11. Aloe Vera

This plant does not need any introduction – it has its name in the skincare industry. It’s a succulent plant that requires minimal maintenance and medium indirect sunlight. Apart from its skin, hair and health benefits it also purifies the air from benzene and formaldehyde which are common chemical compounds found in house cleaning products.

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12. Peace Lily

Of all the plants listed here, this one has the best name – Peace lily. It thrives in medium to low light conditions, and can even survive under fluorescent light only. It is one of the very few flowering houseplants and is a bit high maintenance as they require optimum light and optimum watering.

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