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No, we are not here to review the movie (in case, some of you might have heard or worse watched it!). But we are here to shed some light on dark corners that are often ignored when it comes to the teaching community. Come Teacher’s Day and we can’t be more thankful for our teachers, who have taught us and not just from books. Teachers who strive every single day to make a difference in the student’s life. To help them develop, grow and bloom in the best possible way.

Yet, let’s cross our hearts and ask with honesty – Do all teachers truly influence and impact us for the better? Unfortunately, like many other professions, there are always a few bad apples among the teachers too.

Please take note

A class is a mixed bag. There are children who are smart and some average. Some who understand quickly and some who take more time. However, not all teachers seek to take note of the unnoticed. Whether it is a quiet, shy kid or a child who probably needs a slightly different approach or perspective to understand the lesson, some teachers don’t look beyond. They are okay with ranting off a lesson that they too know not all understand. As long as the extrovert and smart students answer in class, they don’t always take it upon themselves to encourage the other average or below average kids.

We have heard instances of teachers demeaning children who they think are not smart enough. However, silent ignorant treatment is no better. Sometimes all an introvert or diffident child needs is encouragement to speak up. A word of appreciation for a below average kid acknowledging that they are special too can make all the difference to their mental and emotional strength.


Are you worth it?

Come the last years of school or college and there is a scurry of hopeful career preparations. As students are often confused at that age, teachers need to step up. They need to be the guiding light that shows the right path to the children. However, sometimes teachers tend to be cynical. They either in jest or in consciousness mock or discourage the child from pursuing their passion. This could be either by telling them they are not cut out for it. Or by just disregarding and confusing the student. A lot of people, even later in their careers, don’t forget how a teacher thought they were of no good. It stays, as a little thorn because students always crave for the approval of their teacher.


Performance is all that matters

There are teachers who are marks and examination oriented. For them as long as someone scores well, the battle is won. Life on the other hand, has more to offer than question papers. Yes, scores and grades play a role in academics. But to focus only on them all the time doesn’t lead to a holistic development. Besides, using academic marks alone to evaluate and judge a student’s potential further weakens the foundation of education.

It’s time that teachers and educators move beyond the realm of percentages. So to truly give students an environment where they are not necessarily bound or scared to score less. Where students work hard, nonetheless do not equate their intelligence or value dependent on their marks.


The good books

Ever noticed how some teachers just magically transform when a supervisor passes by? Or when the Principal steps in? No offense intended, as we do understand it as a classic example of human nature. Of course, we as students too change when teachers pass us by. And hence, the presence of authority does merit a stiffness that puts us on our best behavior. However, when the transformation is too much to handle, eyebrows are but raised! Worse, imagine a teacher handing over the answers before-hand to make sure the class answers and seems well versed, because someone might step in to check his/her teaching skills. (Yes! Bizarre but true. The upholders of honesty, integrity etc. etc.)


Lazy, who?

Alright, raise your hands if you have met at least one teacher in your life who you think needs some pace! The teachers who are so lethargic to get off their chairs to reach the blackboard. Or the ones that prefer to just read from the text book (a feat the student can achieve on their own too!) Teachers who make students rub the blackboard, hand over the books and also assign them extracurricular work to make their life easier. We wish they had more spunk and sparkle. Like some of our best teachers, who never seem to tire. Those amazing souls who take humongous efforts to explain a chapter with examples and anecdotes. The teachers that breeze into the classroom like a soft cool wind and leave behind a fragrance of energy and fun when the bell rings.


Every coin has two sides to it. So does every profession. On one hand, there are teachers that really change lives. On the other, there are those that are respected probably only because they belong to the profession. The bond that teachers create with students depends on a number of factors. However, when a student feels noticed, acknowledged and believed in, the teacher earns respect for a lifetime. Such teachers are the ones that you go up to with a smile on your face when you happen to bump into them some fine day, 20 years after passing out. These are the teachers you try to emulate and reserve a place forever in your heart.

But there are also teachers who can scar. Their anger, condescension and inattention can often lead to a terror and loss of confidence. This is especially true during the adolescence age where emotions and self-love oscillate to extremes.


And so on this Teacher’s Day, we humbly and with great gratitude say Thank you to our teachers. Teachers who during the pandemic have emerged no less than heroes. But, we hope that all those who step into this noble profession do so with a sense of responsibility. Teachers – You can quite literally shape lives. Please take care of what you say, how you say it. Of your actions and opinions. Your gestures, your interactions. Because in the end, students look up to you, no matter their age. And everybody hopes to look for role models who can teach them to be better versions of their own selves.

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Disclaimer: Our aim in no way is to demean the educators. But in all our sincerity, we do wish to throw light where it matters. Besides, serious wrongdoings by teachers, such as physical thrashing or different kinds of abuse are also occasionally brought to the public and legal eye. Such offenses are of a criminal nature and are beyond the scope of this article.

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