Relationship issues? 5 ways to make the love in relationships last longer.

They say love is a verb, not a noun. It’s an action word. We often feel that someone should love us unconditionally and it should last forever. We often wonder about meeting our soulmates eventually. But how much are we willing to work for it? We want love to be effortless but can it last without efforts? Here I am sharing some tips on what we can do to truly experience love in its full form & make it last longer in relationships.


Often in love, it starts with a mix of hormonal cocktails fed to us in the form of long never-ending conversations, romantic dates and filled with days we wish to live again and again. But good times don’t last long. And soon we become impatient as well. We tend to fall in and out of love but cannot convince ourselves to keep going. This causes tension in the bond which if unaddressed can cause unbearable pain to both. Patience here can act as a remedy.

Being empathetic with your partner and believing that you both will sail through the tough times is important here. Patience can be a game-changer in relationships.


Communication is the foundation of any relationship and hence also for love. We tend to be more in love and secure with people with whom we share more. We also happen to create certain expectations in our minds concerning our relationships. But we hardly open up about them. This can often lead to disappointment for both. But effective listening and sharing valuable inputs with each other can make the communication fruitful.

On the other hand, one-sided communication often leads to troubled waters. When relationships are deprived of meaningful and effective communication things get messed up.  Thus two people in the relationship need to share their problems and open up with their partners more to keep the love intact.


They say trust is like paper, once crumbled it never comes back to its original form. Trusting your partner with their actions is vital for the growth of love in the bond. Also keeping up with the commitment and never letting your partner down is equally important. A lot of us fall for being obsessed and possessive with our partners. This either points out to insecurity or lack of trust. Lack of trust creates more issues in the bond, making your partner fall out of love with you.

Remember it’s always better to trust and get hurt than not trusting in the first place.

Anjali Sreedharen


For any love to sustain the tides of time have to be passed with lots of effort by both the partners time and again. Usually, the concept of efforts is seen more during the initial phase than in the later stages of love. As time passes, sometimes no effort is made in even asking each other if there is anything that is bothering them. This leads to unnecessary feelings bottled up which eventually turns into a fallout with the respective partners. The thing here to remember is to keep the efforts constant throughout the journey of love.

When truly in love, you won’t feel like it is a duty to keep your partners happy by showing up. It will come naturally to you. You would want to keep your partner happy, blissful whenever you are with them. You would listen and let them know that you are willing to support them no matter what. Even if it means doubling up your efforts in the relationship.

5.Compatibility :

If opposites attract, how are they supposed to coexist in love with peace and harmony? Often the people we fall in love with are full of behaviors and qualities that we may ourselves lack. They might even have a different set of thinking and perspective towards a lot of topics. It is important to realize that it’s okay to have different notions, but respecting each other’s viewpoint helps two people flourish in love.

Compatibility is not about having similar thought processes, values, or liking. It’s more about acknowledging the fact that your partner may not agree with you on certain things but that should not stop you from loving him. (Unless he/she is not a psychopath and has no evil thoughts ). Respecting your partner’s views and putting yourself in his/her shoes can go a long way in love and relationships.


On top of everything, we must remember that we must fully devote ourselves to the process of love during our relationships and not let our expectations and misunderstandings break it. We must ask what we can do for making it work rather than thinking about why our partners are not doing enough. We surely cannot change others but we can all do our part in relationships to experience love in its purest form.

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Anjali Sreedharen is a Pharmacist by profession & a dreamer by choice. Being an avid reader, she believes in the magic of words. When she is not busy searching about the latest drug development trends, she is busy searching for theories about her favorite superheroes.

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