8 Books I wouldn’t stop recommending people!

Every reader has a list of favorite books that they would never stop talking about . Be it the books that inspires them the most or the kind that captivates them or the kind that rips their soul apart and makes it into their most loved books list.

Here’s my precious list of books that I could never stop talking about! I could read these books again and again and I would always recommend them to my friends too. These books are great if you are just starting out and want something simple yet interesting to read.

So grab a cup of coffee and scroll down for some of the most amazing book recommendations!

1. Tell Me Your Dreams by Sidney Sheldon

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Genre – Mystery, Thriller

Rate – 9.5/10

Get it here : Tell Me Your Dreams

JAWDROPPING . This is the only mystery novel that is stuck in my head since I read it. Yup, wouldn’t even want to get it out of there. One such book that will keep you awake at night wanting for more. There isn’t even one page where you would be bored. Here, three beautiful young women are suspected of committing a series of brutal murders. The climax is something that will leave you stunned. Sheldon is indeed one of the best when it comes to a good mystery novel.

2. Flawed by Cecelia Ahern & Perfect by Cecelia Ahern

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Genre – Dystopian

Rate – 10/10

Get it here : Cecelia Ahern (2 Books) – Flawed and Perfect

These are the books that I read recently and I must say, I absolutely LOVED them. The story is such, that it will rip your soul, break your heart but also make you fall in love with the brave characters and the writing style. The first book ends with such a cliffhanger that you would be tempted to immediately start reading the next one. The main character, Celestine North is a mix of strong and weak, sugar and spice. She has the capacity to move you from inside out. These books can make you shake with fear, boil in anger and cry a river. It’s a dystopian novel which depicts the kind of society that suffers with a great amount injustice. Cecelia has an amazing writing style and you could start with these books if you haven’t read any by the author.

3.  The Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins

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Genre – Dystopian

Rate – 10/10

Get it here : Box Set (Hunger Games Trilogy)

Another favorite from the dystopian genre. This is such a gripping and unique story about a place called Panem, where every year, a girl and a boy are chosen from 12 districts to take part in The Hunger Games, a fight to death on live TV. The districts have a Capitol that is harsh, cruel and unfair.

These books are such a page turner. They made me skip my sleep and read till 2am. You would feel each and every feeling that the characters go through. The characters are wonderfully developed, even the side characters have a strong impact. It is such a unique, nail biting and thrilling plot. Each book ends with a perfect premise for the sequel.

4.  November 9 by Colleen Hoover

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Genre – Romance

Rate – 9.8/10

Get it here : November 9: A Novel

We all love a good romance don’t we? Something that evokes our emotions and makes us believe in love. This is one such novel. It’s romantic, it’s tragic, it’s overwhelming. It is a story about an aspiring writer, Ben and Fallon, an inspiring woman who had an unfortunate accident that left scars all over her body. They meet on November 9, the day Fallon was moving to New York but they decide to meet every year on the same day. No phone calls, no social contact the whole year! The major plot twist in the end will just make you jump in surprise! This novel is so well written. Colleen Hoover is an extraordinary writer.

5. Tuesdays With Morrie by Mitch Albom

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Genre – Biographical, Memoir

Rate – 9.5/10

Get it here : Tuesdays With Morrie

 I’m not into non-fiction books but this is a really really good one. It’s a memoir of conversations between Mitch, the author and his university professor Morrie. Morrie was going to die of Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Mitch was very fond of him as he was the person Mitch would always look up to for any hardships in his life. Morrie is such a positive soul, who looks at life in a very different perspective. They discuss about life, death, emotions, forgiveness, trust and belief. It is such an eye opener. This book will change your way of dealing with your life, only if you read it with your mind and heart.  

6. Who Will Cry When You Die? by Robin Sharma

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Genre – Self Help

Rate – 9.5/10

Get it here : Who Will Cry When You Die?

This book is a gem. It’s something that you pick up whenever you feel low, read a chapter and just feel good. Every time that you read it, you would get a different perspective. With its powerful life lessons , totally life changing quotes that would strike a chord deep within you, this book provides you with a sense of positivity and peace.

7. Wonder by R.J. Palacio

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Genre – Fiction 

Rate – 10/10

Get it here : Wonder

This. Is. Just. Wonderful. A story like this comes along very rarely. The main character August is a ten year old boy with a facial difference whom kids bully, laugh at and worse, get scared and scream when he’s around. This is the story of a boy whose only wish is to be treated like an ordinary kid. It will bawl your eyes out and make you realize how often we take things and people for granted. Even though it’s a children’s book, anyone at any age should read it once in their life.

8. Note To Self by Connor Franta

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Genre – Poetry, biography, autobiography

Rate – 10/10

Get it here : Note to Self

Just one word to describe this book – Exquisite

This book is written by the author where he talks about his battles with depression, anxiety and his journey towards self love, in the form of poetries, essays, letters and photos. It is so engaging that it will move you to the next level! Relatable, raw, inspiring and deep, it will make you feel how important it is to live the life you want, to let go and to forgive. The book brings out emotions in you that you never even knew you had.

Well, there are millions of books out there waiting to be discovered and read. Now when you read one and think to yourself, “Well this is never going to get out of my head!” that’s it. That is what reading a really good book feels like. This could be any book for you. Keep reading until you have like thousands of great books stuck in your mind! 

Mariya Limbdiwala is a 20-year-old avid book reader and reviewer. She started reading since she was in 6th grade and it’s been an unstoppable journey for her. Her favorite books are the Harry Potter series and The Hunger Games. Whenever Mariya is in a library she loses her mind and her soul is filled with magic and a beautiful story.
Mariya is also a writer and has written a book called ‘Let the Boat Sail’ which is a collection of poems.

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