The Magic of Homemade spices – Featuring Nafees Masala

‘Spice is life… Yes, food is serious, but you should have fun with it’ – Emeril Lagasse.

The most renowned chefs, as well as, our expert grandmom cooks will vouch that a dish turns out good when the chef starts enjoying the process. When cooking becomes art and not a requirement the outcome is discernably better. And of course, there is always the secret ingredient that does the trick! Some would say its love and some would say it’s absolutely nothing. But let’s say that in our case, it’s the masalas or spices. And though every dish has its own special method and ingredients for preparation, some just cannot do without a dash of their very own specific masalas.

What are masalas?

Masala is a ‘spice mixture that has been grounded into a powder or paste.’ Masalas are extremely common in Indian cooking. Some, such as garam masala and chaat masala often find a permanent place on our kitchen shelves. Other’s waltz in and out depending on our food choice and culinary skills. But it is undisputed that certain dishes cannot be cooked without the usage of special masalas.  Can you imagine making butter chicken without butter chicken masala? Or pav bhaji or sambhar or even jaljira for that matter? Without the eponymous masalas, it is hard to cook or recreate these dishes to match their true authentic tastes. In fact, it is the masalas that give the dish its flavors, color, perfect balance and it’s true identity.

But in our fast-paced lives, it is difficult to find authentic homemade masalas. Most of us agree that handmade and homemade products are a far better choice when it comes to health, hygiene, and authenticity. And our search ended when we came across the homemade industry Nafees Masala. At Nafees Masala spices are handpicked and blended in ideal proportions to enhance and bring out the perfect flavors of each masala and dish.

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Why are Nafees Masalas special?

The Have Not ingredients

Nafees Masala, a home industry is run by three women. The business that first started off with just 2, today has grown to a range of 18 masalas. But what is so special about these masalas?

Well, Nafees masalas are halal and do not use certain ingredients, including hing or asafoetida, jaiphal or nutmeg, javatri or mace and ajinomoto. Research has found each of these ingredients to have various side effects and disadvantages.

Hing is found to be likely unsafe for pregnant women and might lead to a miscarriage. It is also advisable for breastfeeding mothers to avoid hing and even for children to consume it by mouth as it might cause various blood disorders. Usage of asafoetida or hing might also increase bleeding and is a huge risk for those who already have bleeding disorders.

Large doses of nutmeg or jaiphal, are known to be related to hallucinations and also mental disorders. In fact, nutmeg contains myristicin which is responsible for giving a ‘high’ feeling and a few studies also reveal that it can intoxicate. Besides, people have experienced nausea, agitation, higher heart rate, and dizziness while consuming nutmeg. Similarly, mace too like nutmeg contains myristicin and can lead to hallucinations and various mental ill effects. And hence many Muslims avoid nutmeg and mace since they come from the same plant and act as a slow narcotic which can lead to intoxication, delirium and drowsiness.

Ajinomoto also known as monosodium glutamate (MSG) has been a controversial ingredient for years with many known side effects. Some of these include headache, numbness, chest pain, weakness, nausea etc.

Nafees masala steers completely away from the use of these contentious ingredients. This according to me is a huge advantage especially when it comes to healthy consumption. But probably the best part is that in spite of not using hing, jaiphal, javatri and ajinomoto, Nafees masalas do not compromise on taste. The masalas are flavorful and authentic lending their tasteful savor to every dish.

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Fresh and chemical free

Purely handmade and home-made Nafees masalas exude a warm homely feeling creating dishes that are original and true to their taste. The masalas are not only made from halal ingredients, but they are also free from chemicals and artificial preservatives. The handpicked raw ingredients are of a high standard and there is no compromise on quality. The masalas are grounded, roasted, etc. at home being mindful of hygiene and health. And unlike many machine-made masalas or big brands, the packaging and manufacturing date for Nafees Masalas is the same. This ensures they are fresh and ready for distribution as per requirement. This is perfect for those trying to avoid adding stale or ‘months old manufactured’ masalas.

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The magic of masalas

Nafees Masala has a wide range of halal masalas that are perfect for all your lip-smacking and delicious food cravings. Try the Tandoori masala with chicken, paneer, or vegetables and we are sure you will be left asking for more. The succulent flavors of the masala just seep into the dish and burst into your palate. Or when you are in a mood to snack, the delicious pani puri masala is so quick to prepare! All you need to do is mix it in water and viola your pani is ready.

I have also tried Nafees’s Chat masala and there is a fine sense of freshness that accompanies the taste always. And before we forget, each of the packaged masalas comes with a recipe that you can try if you are a novice cook. However, do not limit your imagination! Go ahead and use the masala with different ingredients, be it meat, vegetables, paneer, pulses, etc. And of course, some such as the garam masala for example can be added to absolutely all your dishes to make your dish taste a notch up. Check out the complete list of masalas that you can avail of from Nafees.

Also, Nafees has started an exclusive range of different types of amazing blended mouth fresheners. You must definitely give them a try too!

You can also reach out at Nafees masalas Instagram handle or contact them here.

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A quick summary

A quick look at why Nafees masala gets a thumbs up:

  • Personally handpicked raw ingredients.
  • The ingredients are of high A grade quality
  • Purely homemade under hygienic surroundings.
  • Packaged on the same day of manufacturing to retain freshness.
  • The masalas have no artificial coloring
  • No chemical preservatives or artificial additive is added to any masalas
  • The masalas are halal
  • One can make necessary changes to the dish as per personal choice. You can make the dish spicier, colorful, or tangier by adding natural ingredients that work perfectly in tandem with the taste of the masalas.
  • More than one type of dish can be prepared with each masala. So, tandoori masala can be used in many other chicken or vegetarian preparations or pav bhaji masala can be added to other vegetable dishes and so. The multi-utility of these masalas depends on your own panache for experimentation and creativity.
  • Reasonably priced the masalas are available in different quantities.
  • Finally, the taste is fantastic, authentic, and absolutely delicious.

Rashida says, “Nafees Masala has the best ingredients. The dish turns out to be exotic, delicious and gives off a good aroma”.

” Nafees Masala enhances the tastes and the taste buds too”, pips in another customer.

Yes, cooking should be fun and the experience satisfactory. At the same time, there should be no compromise in taste. Luckily, tradition and authenticity of the dish is not lost while using these masalas. Neither does it require one to be stationed in the kitchen for long hours. All in all, a spicy good deal!

Featured Image by Veganamente Rakel S.I. from Pixabay

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