2020- The year that caught us by surprise but leaves us a little wise

2020 comes to an end! It seemed one of the most long-drawn years, in spite of having only the one extra leap year day. Of course, the COVID crisis overshadowed almost everything else that happened. But then this year was just not about all the events that transpired. It was about a number of revelations. Some which we were well aware of, some that extremely saddened us, whereas others that genuinely surprised us. It was like a movie unfolding right in front of our eyes, sometimes unbelievable and yet many a times scattered with stories of heroism.

Source; Image by Marcos Cola from Pixabay

So we bring to you not all that happened during 2020. Thankfully some of us have lived to tell the tales. However, hidden under the incidents of the year are priceless observations and lessons that ought to be remembered. Perhaps a recap of these might help us pave better years to come.

Skies and Stars

So coming first up is our tryst with Mother Nature this year. The lockdown made us think of how much our environment needed a little ‘me’ time. Away from the pollution of traffics and trade we saw the sky lift its head in a sigh of relief. The stars shone at night and the mountain peaks peaked out from far away. And wildlife had a swell time. Birds and animals were found strolling around in the most unexpected places, finally owning the terrain that was initially theirs.

The lockdown made gardeners out of us. It turned us into compost and waste managers. In fact, you can still order your plants from our list below if you already haven’t made a green New Year resolve.

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And so let’s resolve to keep the beaches clean and raise our voices when environmental laws are infringed. We all need to speak up for the Aarey Colonies or lend helping hands to the various One bubble at a time‘s.

This year taught us to respect nature and give it its deserving space. After all, who doesn’t like staring at the stars at night through clear dark skies?

Provoking and protests

This year was augmented by peaceful protests and violent provocations. 2020 began with the protests against CAA and NRC in full swing. The women and youth at Shaheen Bagh, JNU, and Jamia Milia were setting examples for the world to see. There was a sense of strong hope as we saw the true essence of democracy shine through the bleakest of rules. Yet, this year also witnessed in the Delhi riots and provocative speeches the power of mindless hatred.

Globally, Black Lives Matter took center stage as the world rightfully erupted over the death of George Floyd. ‘I can’t breathe,’ stood as the symbol of oppression and discrimination over generations. The movement changed course to All Lives Matter, however, the messaging was strong and clear.

Back home 2020 ends as it began on another protest raging the capital. The farmers are on the streets after the government passed the controversial agriculture laws. Braving the cold the grass roots and fundamentals of our economy and culture are demanding for their voices to be heard.

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This year taught us to stand up and show support for what we truly believe in. It taught us to be peaceful, courageous, and to break every wrongful stereotype that we could.

Heartaches and burns

2020 will always be remembered as the year we lost a lot. We lost people that might be numbers on a COIVD tracker, but were family, friends or neighbors for many. But we also lost dignity and our moral compass when Hathras and Balrampur happened. Similar cases of rape and atrocities against women continued to be another constant in the collective conscious of the nation.

Also, the loss of life and health was 2020’s single biggest heartbreak. And we also lost many legends this year. The obituaries poured for both Indian and international stars, such as – Irfan Khan, Rishi Kapoor, Sushant Singh Rajput, Pranab Mukherjee, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Maradona, Kobe Bryant, Chadwick Boseman, Sean Connery and many more.

Wildlife and nature weren’t spared too. The Australian bushfires left our hearts burning as images of scarred animals lingered on our screens. The Uttarakhand and California forest fires that also claimed loss of life, property, and homes followed the horrific fires soon.

This year taught us that nothing is permanent. That ‘‘mostly it is a loss which teaches us about the worth of things’.

Entrées and exits

The hidden chefs of the world were discovered in 2020. During the lockdown, a winner entrée from each home emerged cooked and garnished by the skill of unassuming talents. From Dalgona coffee to home baking, social media was on the buzz with delicious looking photos and recipes from self-proclaimed experts. Some followed suit and experimented hitting the bull’s eye. Others continued to feed their insatiable diets at the hands of the trustworthy tried and tested dishes by mom. This year saw homemade food stamping its authority on our taste buds as ‘outside’ meals struggled during the periods of lockdown.

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From the palate let’s move into politics. Our entrees were taken care of, but this year also viewed a couple of sensational exits. Megan and Harry’s Megxit from the Royal family made headlines. And finally, Brexit saw the light of the day after a tussle for too long.

This year taught us that both entrees and exits are eye-catching but who knows the tangles and hurdles that are bypassed for that one final picture perfect look.

Near ones and far dears

2020 imposed on us more than one lockdown and quarantine. Some were locked indoors with family while others were left alone in solitude. Virtual communication became the only means of communication for a few. Whereas, for some problems ranged from serious risks of domestic violence to mental illness. However, for many, the lockdown was a great way to spend time with family. Old board games were dusted out of cupboards or new ones ordered. The balconies and terraces were frequently visited with energetic waves from across apartments. Responsibilities if not equal, were at least relatively equally distributed amongst family. Life without domestic help became a brief reality and though gadgets still remained a large part of our existence, true socializing made its way through.

And of course, we found solace in binge watching and binge reading too!

Source: Family photo created by freepik – www.freepik.com

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This year taught us that true family and friends can lift our spirits no matter the distances. We understood the paradoxes of virtual and real and worked our way around them.

Heroes and hopes

So yes 2020 had a lot going on that weighed us down, scared us, and made us anxious. But because of its enormous challenges, 2020 was also the year of real heroes and problem solvers. Doctors, teachers, police, pharmacists became our real warriors. People from across all strata came together to help or distribute food to the migrants and daily wage earners. People from all fields, whether the sciences, technology, social sciences, psychology, etc. chipped in to find solutions and alternate ways to adapt to the new normal. There were genuine empathy and selfless service by ordinary people that lit the way in darkening times.

Source: Medical photo created by freepik – www.freepik.com

This year taught us to think of others who are less fortunate than us. We learned that working together meant surviving together. Also, every problem has a solution. We just need to stay positive, sensible, and keep trying hard enough.

Well, 2020 has been a watershed year that has marked its presence in historical annals. We have been a part of this defining year but what we take away from it, is what matters the most. On that note, we wish you all a Happy New Year with lots of hopes and dreams for 2021!

Feature image: Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

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