Being an Artist in 2020| Feat. Shalini Bisht a Mandala Artist

a circular figure representing the universe in Hindu and Buddhist symbolism.

Art never started or began at a particular date, it was just there. In every object that exists, in every place God created! Art is complex yet simple, its confusing actually. Art is perceived at different levels of understanding and expressed in various forms. An artist doesn’t require degrees or certificates to prove he is an artist, his/her work does the speaking!

“The beauty of Art is that there are no Rules!”

Mia Michaels

Artists possess the magic of bringing out thoughts that are abstract into paper or solid form. Where words fall short, art comes to the rescue! So if you are an artist… Congratulations! You also possess superpowers.

Let’s talk about Art in the earlier times.

The definition of art has evolved, trends have changed, materials, techniques have definitely changed. As I have been taught in school that art before was limited to just painting on canvases, painting on structures and etc. Or at least that’s what I thought, slowly as years passed, different artists came, different mediums came. Abstract art came in the mainframe, year by year the universe of art spread even more.

In ancient art i.e., paintings were done in order to write, preserve important moments of history. Portraits and statues were made for kings, queens, and all the royals.

Getting to my point now, art has evolved a lot over the years and has been subjected to a lot of ups and down.

Choosing Art as a Career in 2020.

Almost a decade, if you told that you wanted to become an artist people would laugh at you and consider you as someone who has no goals in life! Doing art has always been considered as a hobby and nothing much!

There isn’t much of a drastic change in the thinking of the society but the change is seen. With the rise of social media, it has become easy for artist of all kinds to promote their work earn a living.

Social Media has opened a large portal for upcoming artists to showcase their work and sell their work. Digital Art has seen a great rise in the past few years and it is in great demand everywhere!

Artists and their different Art Forms

There are a plethora of art forms that are already existing and continue to emerge every year. Trends change yearly and it’s quite difficult to catch up with every trend! In the last decade, Digital Art has seen a sharp rise and is trending more than ever!

Also with the rise of social media, many artists have emerged and the world is booming with artists! Art is no longer just a hobby it is considered a very honorable profession with the help of much awareness.

Mandala art, watercolor paintings, minimal illustrations, line art, hyperrealism, isometric art, paper art are few of the trending art forms of 2020.

Mandala Art –

This is not a new type of art, it has been done since decades! If you google the meaning of mandala it says –

A circular figure representing the universe in Hindu and Buddhist symbolism.


The word Mandala originates from the Sanskrit word Mandal which has also a similar meaning. From Rangolis, to Mandalas this concept has been used in many places with different names.

Shalini Bisht – A Mandala Artist

Shalini is an inspiration for all those artists who want to start their art journey but haven’t started yet! Shalini’s art journey started a long time back… She was always fond of sketching and was an artsy kid but due to studies pressure and her getting employed at an early age, she couldn’t pursue art.

Beginning of Creative Kalakari

During her maternity leave, Shalini had time for herself and also for art. This is when Creative Kalakari took birth, and now there is no stopping for her! Out of all the art forms, Shalini knows Mandalas have her heart! Upon asking her why ‘Mandalas’ out of everything else this is her answer –

I have always been very disciplined, and love to follow rules when it comes to art. Doing Mandala art teaches me discipline and improves my concentration skills.

Shalini Bisht

Various social platforms like Facebook, Instagram have helped Shalini gain an audience that made her art career possible.

Making mandalas never bored or frustrated Shalini, the designs come automatically when she starts one. She loves to try different types of mandalas.

How have Mandalas helped Shalini in her personal life?

Mandalas have not just helped Shalini to make Creative Kalakari but has also helped her personally. When she starts doing Mandalas she is in a world of her own, the only thing in her mind is the design and the symmetry. After a long day of work, it is art that comes to the rescue in the form of a stress buster!

Not only does Shalini Bisht do Mandalas she also takes workshops online and offline.  For more details please check the link here:

For further details about Creative Kalakari, its products and services check out the following:

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