Scuba Diving in India | Top 5 places to dive in India.

Scuba Dive or underwater diving is one adventure sport you need to do once in your life.

We all need adrenaline rushes every once in our lives to add spice in our boring lives. A 9-7 job with extra hours, deadlines, submissions and the list goes on… ( brb crying in the corner).

If you’ve seen ZNMD you will totally relate to this. 


We are aware of the world on top but we haven’t seen the plethora of organisms living underwater. It’s a good place to get lost in. Tired of seeing humans? Here is your solution –  Scuba dive to these places in India and they won’t cost you a fortune.

Scuba diving in any place in India will cost you around anything between 4000-7000 INR, you can go with your friends, family, your spouse for a holiday, weekend trip, or just a normal getaway. Scuba diving shows you a different part of the world, which is yet to be explored by many. The sea is a beautiful, breathtaking, underwater paradise that is aloof from all the chaos of the land.


Scuba diving is jumping into the mighty ocean or sea with a scuba which is two cylinders filled with a mixture of oxygen, helium, and nitrogen which helps us to breathe in water. As a beginner you will have a practice session before the day you dive, they will brief you about the working of the scuba gear and how to operate it. As your mouth will be busy breathing, you will need to communicate with signs, which is so much fun!

You don’t require any professional swimming experience, just make sure to take medicines for seasickness if you have any. At the beginner level, you will have a dive instructor with you every second of your dive, so no worries at all.

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Experiencing this adventure will be one that you will remember for a lifetime! Unlike the noisy waves on the surface, the undersea is mesmerizingly quiet and peaceful! The only sounds you hear are your heartbeat and bubbles you are making with your equipment. Trust me it’s just magical! As a beginner, you don’t need to know swimming so its cool for all you ‘non-swimmers”.

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People often misunderstand that India is not a good location/spot for scuba diving or underwater diving. People think that Mauritius, Bali, and the islands in Australia are the only places where you can experience this. Let me correct you over here, people from all over the world come to Andaman and Nicobar Islands to dive in the beautiful turquoise blue water and to witness the aura of the flora and fauna that exists in the deep bosom of the ocean. 

There are many diving spots in India, which are getting popular in the coming time.  5-6 years back. there were very few diving spots and groups or companies which used offer scuba diving but now its a very popular sport amongst youngsters and millennials.

Apart from scuba diving, there are many new activities bubbling up like snorkeling, sea walking to name a few. 


There are a lot of places for scuba diving in India as it is a peninsular country with the Bay of Bengal on the east and the Arabian Sea on the west. The most famous and the most beautiful spot for diving is the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. So here are the 5 spots you can visit for  your Indian Scuba Diving adventure:


The most famous spot in these islands is the ‘Havelock Island’. You can find a diving spot in almost every resort here. Far from Port Blair, this is a hotspot for divers and attracts people from all over the world. Humpback Parrot Fish, Lionfish, soft corals are few of the things which one can witness here. Situated away from Port Blair, you can reach this island by ferry which will take you almost 2.5 hours.

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Apart from this, there are many other beautiful spots for diving in Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Places like the Neil Island, Cinque Island, and Port Blair are scuba diving spots that have unique flora and fauna which cant be seen nowhere else.

2. GOA

When we think bout Goa the things which come to our minds are parties, crowded beaches, and resorts at the beach. Apart from the Sunburn festival, there are other things which happen on those beaches.  Grande island in Goa is a hit with so many underwater activities other than scuba diving like snorkeling and many more.

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There are a lot of resorts and many companies which offer professional training and certified courses.  You need to take a boat ride from goa to reach Grande Island and you can plan to go to nearby places like Monkey Island where you can see Dolphins.


 Lakshadweep is the Maldives of India, but sadly it’s so underrated, and that’s why it ain’t so popular. It is filled with beautiful marine life that makes your jaws drop. Bright and colorful corals, shipwrecks, and caves.

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There are three main spots: Bangaram, Kavaratti, and Minicoy. 

Bangaram and Kavaratti even offer wreck dives and attracts a lot of visitors. You can reach Lakshadweep islands by sea or air from Kochi. You require a permit even if you are an Indian, you cannot enter without a permit.

All the islands of Lakshadweep turquoise clear waters and white sand beaches which are a treat for your eyes.


Temple Adventures offer certified courses and PADI scuba diving equipment and have training sessions. If you are living in Tamil Nadu or nearby this is an easy spot for you. They even give diving kits for sale, and you can even get your pictures clicked underwater. Even though Pondicherry has no natural coral reefs but the human-made coral reefs which attracts a lot of fish and sharks if you go deep diving.

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Along with scuba diving, they also offer snorkeling and the nightlife of Pondicherry is nice and there are a lot of things to do and places to visit.


What if I told you that you can dive in the hills! Shocked?! Well, the good news is, you can! Pioneer adventures offer a wide range of activities in Shillong! This is just something else, they also include snorkeling, kayaking, and rafting which is the cherry on the cake. 

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In the end, I would like to say that life is too short to miss out on these beautiful experiences which actually blow your mind away and give your life a new perspective! Also, don’t forget to film your dive, you never know you might find ‘NEMO’. 🙂

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