The New Normal? How life will be post lockdown.

What is life after lockdown? Well, it’s called the new normal! A phrase that is being used incessantly these days, the ‘new normal’ has almost reached a cult status of its own. Yes, life is slowly creeping into normalcy after a complete lockdown has been lifted from almost all places. There is a buzz around how we all need to move on with positivity, take necessary precautions but start getting and living our life in some order once again.

Now, it is debatable what one understands by getting their life in order. Where the lockdown was a boon for many it was a nightmare for many others. Nonetheless, it has passed, for now at least and getting back to a shadow of semblance of our earlier lives is what remains our next challenge.

One could be philosophical and motivational while trying to understand the changes post lockdown. But then there are also other ways of looking at it. Let’s find new ways of defining this new normal post lockdown to better understand how people are facing it differently.

The Unlock phase for working class

Migrants and laborers

Absolutely everyone technically comes under this broad heading, including migrant laborers and domestic helpers too. The migrant saga continues to throw up horror stories irrespective of the phases of lockdown or unlock. As for domestic helpers who did not manage to migrate, continue their normal chores, this time armed with masks and sanitizers.

Office goers

Next in line are office goers, shop owners etc. who do not have an option from working from home. Well assuming that most of them had a good rest during lockdown besides the odd social media pictures of them finally helping in household chores, I would say they would definitely be breathing a sigh of relief. Not just in terms of getting their economic life on track again, but also, their mental, social and emotional wellbeing. For those who actually miss spending time with their family (aww) well, metaphorically speaking please continue to be around and counted.


Work from home

Finally, we have our work from home class. The one category of workers who actually continued to have work before, during and after the lockdown. Nothing much changes for them as they continue to wear office clothes only on their upper bodies, complain of bad connection if they are not ready with the presentation and lock themselves up inside their rooms even when they are on a tea break.


The unlock phase for women

We have a separate section for the woman folk. They seem to have more physical, mental and emotional bandwidth in this age of technological advancement when compared to anybody else.

Women working at home

Now, the women of course, also include housewives and maids. This is another matter that the wives can also be working professionals and maids would also be wives. But let’s take this at face value one at a time. They both continue their love and hate relationship as the lockdown eases. Each missed the other dearly until they met again. You can’t live with or without them!


Women working outside the home

Women who worked at offices will have to now get back to work and finish their household chores (not a problem, they have mastered it by now). But the only glitch here is if they have school-going children who are now at home their management skills are going to demand a whole new level of expertise. They will have to work out a schedule, ask for help to look after their kids who themselves are new to the online world of knowledge.


Women working from home

Women who are working from home are being introduced to a whole new angle of attaining the zen mode. Whispers (probably shut down with glares) of ‘now that you are working from home, the work at home can also be attended in parts’ may or may not subside. As for the women who were always working from home or freelancing are going to find their already relegated status at the same level if not further lowered.

Teachers and educators

There is one more working class that needs special mention here. The teaching class! Yes, online classes have begun and teachers are turning into the next tech savvy generation. They are upbeat, dedicated and so ready to make the most of remote learning. Hats off!

New normal for the young brigade

For the younger generation, irrespective of gender, this is a really a good time. Yes, there is uncertainty over the future, exams, study areas etc. but just think about the time you have in hand today to make a difference for tomorrow. Make the most of the online classes, pick up new skills, question, discover and explore. Get yourself prepared for a time none of us have anticipated, but trust me when I say, that all are looking at this young generation for the lead.

Teenagers during lockdown

New normal at the kid zone

What can I say about the kids! They seem to have shown super responsibility by understanding the vagaries of the virus. They are the ones who continue to wash their hands diligently, who help their elders pass time, who have finally found fun in toys stuck in cupboards for ages. They are picking up life skills that will help them in future and they are teaching us how to beat the boredom, laugh and get on with things.

Children during lockdown

Finally, understanding the situation as it is important. Neither panic and lament, nor throw all caution to the wind. The new normal is here to stay and now fashionistas have an additional accessory to be creative with. Masks are a must and so is social distancing. A little tingle of selfish joy for loners and introverts who anyway were happy maintaining distances. A little tingle of disdain and sadness for people who loved socializing, taking off on trips and partying. But, the new normal demands a sensible approach by all. And that includes remembering that the Mother Earth was actually having a blast during our lockdowns. The least we can do is acknowledge our encroachments and allow her, her resplendent space again.

As I predict, the new normal after lockdown may very well become normal soon. And when finally times thrive for the original normal post-COVID to return, it may as well be termed as the new normal then. The circle of life as we know it!

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